20131005 Sugar Beet Harmon Susanne Fairfax Media-2753RIn honor of the new law designating the first Saturday of each month “Eat Local, Buy Illinois Products Day,” Senator Don Harmon met with local groups at the Oak Park Farmers’ Market.   

“This law should bring a new and well-deserved appreciation for all the wonderful food grown in Illinois and available in our community,” Harmon said.  “Buying local and shopping at farmers markets like this one can go a long way toward helping families make healthy choices, protecting the environment and supporting Illinois’ farming families. It gives us a chance each week to connect with friends and neighbors.”  

According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, if every household in Illinois spent just $10 of their grocery bill each week on Illinois products, we would reinvest $47 million in the Illinois economy, resulting in a $2.4 billion investment over the course of a year.  People identify Illinois with corn and soybeans, but pumpkins, melons, horseradish and peaches are just a few of the specialty crops grown on farms in our state.   In 2010, these crops alone resulted in over $390 million in sales. 

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New law frees landowners from fear of lawsuits

OAK PARK – For years, Illinois landowners were able to let people onto their land, free of charge, to enjoy rivers, lakes, forest, cliffs, canyons and other natural wonders. A 2005 court decision changed all that. It said that you could be held legally responsible for anyone on your land. Prompted by the possibility of lawsuits, the owners of many popular outdoor areas closed up shop.

All that is set to change now, due to a new law that reverses the 2005 decision and frees landowners from fear of lawsuits. Natural sites throughout the state will reopen for climbers, kayakers, bird watchers, hikers and other outdoors enthusiasts.

“The sad fact is that both the state and federal government have been forced to cut back conservation spending,” said State Senator Don Harmon, the Oak Park Democrat who sponsored the law. “It’s more important than ever to allow generous landowners and non-profit groups to provide the public access to our state’s beautiful natural spaces.”

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052813br0228WOAK PARK – A new law sponsored by State Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) will ensure that victims of rape who choose to carry a child to term don’t have to share parental rights with the men who raped them.

“Rape is a terrible, traumatic experience. When a victim of rape conceives a child and is brave enough to carry the baby to term, she shouldn’t have to worry about the man who attacked her seeking parental rights,” Harmon said.

The new law, originally House Bill 3128, establishes that rapists and their families are not entitled to visitation, custody or inheritance rights. It also gives the mother the right to refuse child support.

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051613br0159rSPRINGFIELD – A new law co-sponsored by State Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) will crack down on pawnshops that break the law that regulates pawnshops.

“Given all the controversy we’ve seen over the new pawnshop on North Avenue in Austin, I want to make sure that neighborhood concerns are addressed by ensuring that pawnshops operate within the letter of law,” Harmon said. “We need to make sure that no pawnshops in Illinois take advantage of people or attract unwanted traffic.”

The law will increase the maximum civil penalty on pawnshop owners who break the law that regulates pawnshops from $1,000 per day to $10,000 per day. The new law is supported by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which oversees pawnshop licenses.

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Sen. Harmon presides over Executive Committee

CHICAGO – Thanks to State Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park), Illinois citizens will soon be able to register to vote and request absentee ballots online.

"We can strengthen our democracy by making it easier to vote," Harmon said. "We can pay our bills online, shop online, even control your home air conditioner over the Internet. In the 21st Century, you should be able to register to vote online.

"We also keep trying to find ways to save our cash-strapped state money. This is an easy way. Processing a paper registration costs 83 cents. Processing an online application costs 3 cents."

Harmon’s plan, House Bill 2418, not only allows voters to register online, but it also allows election authorities to send notices using email, establishes more voter-friendly early voting hours, allows voters to request absentee ballots online and more.

Each measure has careful safeguards to prevent voter fraud and electoral abuses.

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