05162018CM0595c rSPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate today approved a bipartisan initiative to regulate gun dealers and reduce the number of illegal guns being used to commit crimes in the state.

Senate Bill 337 is sponsored by State Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) and builds on a similar measure he sponsored that Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed March 13. Lawmakers were unable to override the veto despite urging from Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich, medical professionals who treat gunshot victims and others.

“We are back with a much better bill that addresses the governor’s concerns about small businesses, but we are doing so without compromising public safety,” Harmon said.

Senate Bill 337 contains provisions to better record and track private gun sales. It treats all firearm licensees the same, regardless of their size. It requires the Illinois State Police, rather than the state agency that regulates professions and occupations, to certify gun dealers.

To crack down on illegal transfers after a gun purchase, it establishes a penalty for those who fail to maintain a record of private gun sales and requires the state police to make key information about guns used in crimes available to the public.

Additional provisions in the bipartisan proposal include:

•    requiring gun dealers to safely store firearms at all times,
•    requiring gun dealers to make copies of FOID cards or IDs and attach them to documentation detailing each gun sale,
•    requiring employees to undergo annual training about the law and responsible business practices, and
•    requiring gun dealers to open their place of business for inspection by state and local police.

Senate Bill 337 was approved 35-18 and will be sent to the House for consideration.

“This is a sensible measure that satisfies everyone’s concerns,” Harmon said. “It doesn’t compromise our objectives, nor does it infringe on anyone’s 2nd Amendment right to buy, sell or own a firearm. I look forward to passage in the House and to Gov. Rauner signing it into law.”