SPRINGFIELD – Senator Don Harmon, an Oak Park Democrat and president pro tempore of the Illinois Senate, issued the following statement today after voting to override the governor’s amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1, which creates evidence-based school funding reform:

“I voted today to uphold Senate Bill 1, a tested, evidence-based plan that will fix our state’s broken education funding formula, not temporarily patch it.

The governor’s plan is short-sighted. It may promise low-income districts money in the short term, but it hides provisions that would gravely injure them in the long run, like tying funding to enrollment and counting TIF district wealth as property value.

A fundamental promise of Senate Bill 1 is that no school district loses funding. The governor’s veto is a mean-spirited attack on the nearly 400,000 students in Chicago Public Schools who stand to lose almost $500 million under the governor’s plan. I cannot support a plan that would take money from the children of Chicago to give to other districts. Senate Bill 1 remains the only plan we have that provides fair and equitable funding for all students.”